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Aarhus University

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    Nordre Ringgade 1, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
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    +45 87 15 00 00
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    +45 8715 0201
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Located in Denmark, Aarhus University was founded in 1928. Home to more than 40,000 students and around 3500 faculty members, the university offers more than 50 degree programs. AU comprises 4 major faculties in Social Sciences, Arts, Business, and Science and Technology. While the central campus of the university is situated in Aarhus, Denmark, other campuses are located in Herning and Emdrup.

The academic graduate and undergraduate programs offered by the university include majors in Chemistry, Chinese, Management, Political Science, Engineering, and Economics, among others. The university has more than 10 research centers focusing on Crystallography, Theoretical Chemistry, Geo microbiology, and DNA Nanotechnology and many others. The university has partnerships with numerous government and industrial organizations like Smart Cities in the research arena.

AU offers exchange programs in collaboration with more than 40 academic institutions across the globe comprising Nordic Centre India, Arctic University, The Nordic Centre in Fudan, and The Utrecht Network. The university also maintains a museum based on Ancient Art, parkland, amphitheater, a planetarium and botanical gardens.

The alumni of AU include Denmark’s Prince Frederik, Former PM of Denmark and NATO’s Secretary General. Nobel Prize Winners of the University include Dale T Mortensen (Chemistry) and Jens Christian Skou (Economics).