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Brown University

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Brown University, the private research university is located in Providence, Rhode Island & it was founded in 1764. It’s known to be the 7th oldest college in the United States. It’s an Ivy League institution which comprises of undergraduate & graduate programs, the Alpert Medical School, School of Public Health, School of Engineering & the School of Professional Studies.

Brown University boasts of its talented & motivated student community & distinguished faculty, which makes it into a reputed university that maintains a dedication to offer exceptional undergraduate instruction. Having a diverse & exciting community which consists of 6,200 undergraduates, 2,000 graduate students, 490 medical school students & over 700 faculty members makes it an ideal base of education hub. The students come from all 50 states & more than 115 countries.

Brown is known for its highly selective admission process. According to the university, it has an acceptance rate of only 9%. As a matter of fact, famous actress Emma Watson is one of the notable alumni of Brown. John F. Kennedy Jr., John D.Rockfeller Jr. are also some of the distinguished alumni of Brown. Brown's faculty consists of award-winning scholars who are known to be Nobel Prize laureates, national medalists & several other acclamations.

Brown is one the most prestigious universities in the country, therefore, it offers a very high-quality learning experience & excellent opportunities. It has an open curriculum; Brown students are absolutely in charge of their own education. No core requirements mean that you are independent enough to really shape your academic experience. Here student takes classes because they are generally want to, which develops their thinking pattern & learning. This is the university where you’re strongly encouraged to create your own classes, study groups & concentrations. There's always a collaborative environment which encourages a healthy competition between students. Brown offers 51 doctoral programs & 28 master’s programs in its vibrant, diverse community. Lastly, Brown will offer one of a kind college experience, helping you to create a rewarding career later.