Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University

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Know to be a research institution, Carnegie Mellon University was founded in 1900 by the Scottish American Industrialist Andrew Carnegie in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has seven colleges & independent schools in the field of engineering, business, computer science, humanities & fine arts. Besides that, the university has global campuses in Qatar & Silicon Valley. The university has soared to national & international leadership in higher studies & research.

The University was established with the name ‘Carnegie Institute of Technology’, the school is widely recognized for its STEM (1/3rd of students study engineering and computer science) & its visual & performing arts curriculum. Some notable alumni include billionaires Vinod Khosla, David Tepper, Artist Andy Warhol, and Nobel laureate John Nash.

Students of Carnegie Mellon University are educated by a world-class faculty who have widespread knowledge in teaching & applied research. The course curriculum is very innovative & it provides a creative approach to problem solving, management & decision-making. These courses are designed in an incredible way to especially develop the mind of the students. The students have complete freedom to fully customize their degree just by opting from a range of courses.

Studying in Carnegie Mellon will provide students an opportunity to develop a unique blend of perspectives. After graduating from the university, students become one of the most sought-after individuals to renowned future employers. Along with it, graduates work for some of the best companies including- Google, KPMG, Facebook, IBM, PWC, Fujitsu, Airbnb and General Motors.

The university also offers some elite internship programs for students to experience valuable professionalism in some of the top international companies. The alumni networking program is amazing & incredible when looking for a job or advancing your career. The education is top-notch & the school is full of passionate & welcoming faculties & staffs. By attending Carnegie Mellon, you can get a lifetime of experience, have fun & meet some of the extraordinary people from all over the world, & last but not least enjoy the magnificent city of Pittsburgh during your stay.