Flinders University
Flinders University

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    Sturt Rd, Bedford Park SA 5042, Australia
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    +61 8 8201 3911
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    +61 8 8291 6006
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Named after the British navigator Mathew Flinders, the university was established in 1966 with the motto to achieve more. The university has its main campus in Adelaide, apart from that one can find another campus in Victoria Square. They have recently built a new campus in Tonsley. The main campus is the result of the merger with Sturt Campus in the year 1991, which was again expanded in 2011. Spread in acres of land each campus of the university can accommodate 6000 candidates easily. Today the university has around 18,000+ candidates.

When it comes to the teaching of the University, Flinders follow a simple pattern, which is to communicate with the students. The study pattern of the university shows how much importance and significance is given to proper communication. The concept of face-to-face teaching is highly valued here. It offers around 160 Bachelors and Master’s degree, and above all a thorough research facility is provided as well. It is indeed a public research university whose worth has been recognized by IRU Group. Flinders’s university has four broad categories of department and schools wherein subjects like Law to Psychology is been taught.

An interesting fact to be known about this university in the South Australian land is that it is the only one university which offers on-campus accommodation. Its alumni are also the one belonging to the creamy layer of the society. NASA Astronaut, Oscar nominated artists, political administrator, and many other have been a part of this prestigious university.