Freie Universität Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin

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Known as the Free University of Berlin in English, Freie Universität Berlin came into existence in 1948. Justice, freedom, and truth have remained the core values since then. Located in the suburb of southwest Berlin, the university’s name refers to the free part of western world.

Home to more than 30,000 students today, the university comprises over 5 international liaison offices in – Brussels, New York, New Delhi, Beijing, Moscow and Sao Paulo. The university is also regarded as one among the few universities designated “German Universities of Excellence”. Offering more than 100 degree programs, the university includes over 15 collaborative research centers.

The academic staff of more than 5,000 faculty members at the Free University of Berlin includes renowned personalities in their respective areas. The university is divided into twelve departments and around 3 interdisciplinary central institutes. Some of the primary departments include- Department of Earth Sciences, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics, Department of Law, School of Business and Economics, Department of Biology, Department of Physics and Department of Veterinary Medicine. Interdisciplinary Central Institute includes Institute for Latin American Studies, John F. Kennedy Institute, and Eastern European Studies program.

The university boasts around 4 Nobel Prize Winners and over 15 winners of Leibniz Prize. With around 30% women professors, the university also takes pride in being at the forefront of German Universities when it comes to representation of genders.

Alumni of Free University includes many philosophers, politicians, and scientists among others. Nobel Laureates of the university include Ernst Ruska, Gerhard Ertl and Reinhard Selten. Notable alumni of the University comprises Andrea Fischer, Fritz Teufel, Jutta Limbach and Walter Momper among many others. Over the past years, Freie Universität Berlin has hostel numerous influential figures like John F. Kennedy.

The guiding principles of the university include justice, freedom and truth. The responsibility that emerges from their principles, justice, freedom and truth, is a living commitment to the University. Freie Universität still remains loyal to the impulse behind the aim of its birth to impart knowledge of value.