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Fudan University

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    220 Handan Road Yangpu District Shanghai Shi 200433 China
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    +86 21 6564225
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Fudan University is one of the most promising & distinguished universities situated in Shanghai, China. It was established in 1905 & it has four campuses in Handan, Fenglin, Zhangjiang & Jiangwan. Earlier, it was known as Fudan Public School in 1905 and later became a private university which was renamed as Fudan University.

There’s a total enrollment of 14,100 undergraduates, 14,800 graduate students & 2700 full-time teaching faculty in Fudan University. It provides 70+ undergraduate programs in the field of arts, humanities & sciences. Having a diversifying student body Fudan University takes pride in its truly international panorama. It has a strong partnership & exchange programs with 200 foreign universities. The faculty of the university is world-class, having 50 full-time faculty members from different parts of the world. In the area of research, it has become well-known. The disciplines include engineering, law, literature, history, science & medicine. There are journals published in the field of Humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medical sciences which reflect comprehensive research done by the Fudan University.

The campus life of the Fudan University is known to be vibrant & exciting. It’s rich in culture, freedom & variety. The first class school spirit enhances its rich academic atmosphere. There’s always performances, social events, cultural exhibits, competitions & extracurricular academic events happening within the campus. There’s overseas student clubs, student art club & Fudan University Student Union organization which plays an important role in having an exceptional educational experience in Fudan.