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Harvard University

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Long before the USA gained independence, an institution named as ‘New College’ was established in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Later renamed as Harvard, it came into existence in 1636. Regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious university for higher education, it is the oldest institution in the U.S.

Harvard University is based in Massachusetts, Cambridge and Boston. Its main campus is situated on Harvard Yard in Cambridge comprising academic buildings, University Hall and Sever Hall among others.

Harvard University faculty of over 2,000 members is an esteemed group of practitioners and scholars who combine academic and real-world knowledge to augment theoretical training. With over 40 Nobel Laureates, more than 30 Heads of State and around 45 Pulitzer Prize Winners, Harvard University has a lot of glorious honors in its account. Also, with living alumni of more than 320,000 and nearly 51,000 in some 200 countries, Harvard produces an extraordinary number of accomplished students.

The library of Harvard might not be beautiful. But, it’s voluminous- in a way that it is regarded as the largest academic library on the planet. It includes around 18 million volumes, over 170,000 titles, an approximate 390 million manuscript items, over 9 million photographs, and around 5 terabytes of manuscripts and digital-archives. Operating more than 65 library units, around 11,000 library staff members provide access to this collection.

Most popular majors in the arena of undergraduate studies include- History, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Biological Sciences and Social Sciences. According to a recent research report, recruiters in New York prefer Harvard Business School students over international destinations combined.

Popular for its academic excellence, Harvard offers satisfying placements to the students with an average salary of over $65,000, to begin with. Having alumni in the form of Barack Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, Williom Ellery, George W. Bush and a lot many, Harvard remains unmatched in performance and reputation.