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Imperial College London

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Established by a royal charter in 1907, Imperial College London was founded by Prince Albert in collaboration with the University of London. College later left the University after a hundred years of its establishment and came out as a separate entity ‘Imperial College London’ expanding its areas of study.

With the Central Campus located at Royal Borough of Chelsea and Kensington, it is a science-based College with a reputation of excellence in research and teaching across the globe. Imperial College is a multidisciplinary place for translation, research, education, commercialization and leveraging innovation and science to handle global challenges. In addition to the central campus, it has six more campuses in London and South East.

With over 14,000 students enrolled from over 120 countries and more than 7500 faculty members, Imperial focuses on 4 core disciplines- science, medicine, engineering and business. Imperial awards over 6000 degrees annually. Discovery of penicillin, holography and fiber optics among others serve as the contribution to society. This is the reason that it has been ranked as the ‘most innovative’ university in Europe.

Also, Imperial operates more than five cross-departmental schools to promote inter-disciplinary work. Each department focuses on a different societal problem. Some of the centers include- Data Science Institute, Energy Futures Lab, Institute of Engineering and molecular science among others.

Alumni of Imperial includes more than 10 Nobel laureates, around 60 fellows associated with Royal Society, 75 fellows of Medical Sciences academy and a lot more. Notable Alumni of Imperial includes Ralph Robins, Sir Alexander Fleming and Higgs Boson among others.

Imperial, known for its unique inventions supports educational initiatives to change the students for a better tomorrow.