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LMU Munich

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The Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich (referred as LMU or the University of Munich) is one of Germany’s oldest universities. It was initially established in 1472 by the Duke Ludwig IX of Bavaria-Landshut and then relocated to Munich at a later point in time. By 1802, the university was named in the original founder’s honor. It has always been considered one of Europe’s most esteemed universities. Currently, LMU is the second-largest university in Germany in terms of student population.

LMU offers a wide range subjects & there is almost something for everyone. The university has a distinguished record in research & the faculty is internationally renowned prize-winners. There is a myriad of subjects which are taught here, for instance: psychology, educational sciences, mathematics, chemistry, pharmacy, biology, history, law, philosophy & geosciences.

LMU has a huge number of international students; more than 6,000 international students pursue a degree here. The university is continuously committed to providing the students a world-class curriculum & innovative education. There are 800 full-time professors & 5,800 other academics who teach at the LMU. The faculty of LMU is one of the best faculties in the country & they are highly regarded & award-winning.

LMU is more like a home to students from all over the world. The university’s uniquely wide array of programs & strong focus on research is a great benefit to the students, making it one of Germany’s major centers for technology & media. Some notable alumni of this university are- Pope Benedict XVI, NOVELIST Thomas Mann, Physicist Theodor W.Hansch, and Poet Muhammad Iqbal. Having a 500 year plus rich history, LMU Munich is among the world’s oldest universities. It is regarded as one of the finest in global higher education.