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Lund University

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    Paradisgatan 2, Lund, Sweden
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Located in Sweden, Lund University dates back to 1666. Regarded as one of the oldest, prestigious and largest universities of Northern Europe, the university ranks among the best 100 universities across the globe. In addition to the central campus in Sweden, the university has two campuses in Helsingborg and Malmo.

Home to more than 40,000 students including over 2,000 postgraduates, and around 6,000 full-time teaching staff, the university boasts about being one of the biggest Nordic research and educational Institute.

The university offers more than 300 programs and around 2,000 freestanding courses. It is divided into 8 faculties- Engineering, Theology and Humanities, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, Performing Arts, Economics & Management and Science. The university is organized into over 20 research and institute centers- Center for European Studies, Pufendorf Institute, Center for Biomechanics and Diabetes Center among others.

Collaboration with more than 500 universities in more than 60 countries helps the university to provide study abroad options to the enrolled students. The university also operates 2 important scientific faculties- European Spallation Source for research in materials and the MAX IV- a laboratory working as an electron accelerator for research work in the field of nuclear physics, radiation, and accelerator physics.

Alumni network comprising over 30,000 located across the globe represent the university in numerous fields internationally. Notable alumni of the university comprises- philosopher Samuel Pufendorf, Economist Knut Wicksell, and Judith Wallerstein among others.

The university lays claim to many discoveries like wireless technology, facial recognition technology and Nicorette (World’s 1st Medicine developed by Nicotine to help smokers quit smoking) among many others.

The university seeks to be a world-class institution working with students to explain, understand and improve the standards of human beings globally.