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With over 300 buildings, around 200, 000 living alumni, numerous programs and reputation for academic excellence, McGill located in Montreal, Canada has carved out a position among the world’s prestigious universities. Considered as the oldest university in Canada, McGill is a public research university which came into existence in 1821. In the year 1829, it acquired the status of first medical faculty in the nation.

The main campus of the university is located at the bottom of Mount Royal in the downtown Montreal. Next to the central campus is an urban area, Milton Parc, which houses most of the students. The second campus is situated 18 miles away in a rural environment.

Comprising more than 10 schools and around 11 faculties, it enrolls more than 40,000 students every year, out of which around 20% come from 150 countries- making itself the most diverse doctoral university in the medical arena across the globe. Some of the popular departments of McGill include- Science Medicine, Engineering, Management, Arts and Science- with more than 3,000 full-time teaching staff experts in their respective area.

McGill has a very strong alumni network of approximately 300 living in more than 150 countries. Some of the prominent personalities include actor William Shatner, astronaut Dave Williams and Leonard Cohen among others. Achievements associated with McGill include the discovery of division of atoms, invention of Plexiglas and the first map of cortex (Brain’s motor).

Also a founding member university of Universitas 21- a network of reputed research institutions that work in partnership with each other in order to enhance research activities and increase international scope. From unique discoveries to world-beating alumni, McGill has been contributing in changing the world for more than 180 years now by focusing on strong interdisciplinary work.