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Michigan University

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    500 S. State Street,
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109 USA
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    +1 (734) 764-1817
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    +1 (734) 936-0740
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The University of Michigan (briefly known as UM or UMich) is one of the widely recognized universities in the USA. Established in 1817, initially, it was located in Detroit, then in 1837 it moved to Ann Arbor. The university has 19 schools & colleges in the field of medicine, law, literature, science, arts, dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, business, music, theater, architecture, nursing, public health, art & social work. UM has a total enrollment of 24,000 undergraduate & 15,000 postgraduate students along with 7,000+ academic staff. The university is known for its engagement in significant & cutting-edge research in the field of various subjects. The university also attracts generous financial support from both public & private sectors. UM has a high priority for making contributions to society through research & academics.

UM offers an enriched academic curriculum for the students to help them having a flourishing career & to meet their individual meets. It provides an array of opportunities to explore more, understand more about intellectual matters & participate in research & projects as well. The university is dedicated to provide the essential skills for the students in order to become the expert in their chosen field. Faculty members play a key role in all facets of the university to make sure a world-class education is being delivered to the student.

UM have a diverse, multicultural campus community. Students come here from all over the world & it is a great place to study with people from a different racial background. This allows sharing of different opinions & ideas which are essential for students to make an impact to the community & the world. The alumni network of UM is huge all over the world.