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New York University

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    18 Washington Place, Ground Floor. New York, NY 10003, USA
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Considered as one of the foremost and leading research Universities in the United States, New York University was founded in 1831. Located in the most populous city of the U.S, it is counted amongst the biggest private higher education Universities in the U.S.

After around 2 centuries of establishment, the university developed itself as an academic center aiming to set trends in research and nurture talents across the globe. With an enrolment of more than 50,000 students including 24,000 undergraduates and more than 25,000 postgraduates, NYU grants a significant value of financial aid and scholarships to international students, in addition to research funds.

New York University is organized into around 20 institutes, schools and colleges located in 6 different centers throughout Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan. Some of the schools and colleges include College of Dentistry, School of Law, Tandon School for Engineering, Institute of Fine arts and Liberal studies among others.

While central campus of NYU is located in Lower Manhattan, some of its buildings and centers are expanded to Wall Street and Upper East Side. In addition to the main campus, NYU has also established new campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai.

NYU alumni of more than 4, 50,000 represent the university in numerous sectors. The university boasts more than 30 Nobel Prize winners, 4 Turing Award recipients, over 25 National Medals in Technology, Science and Innovation, 4 Abel Prizes, more than 30 Academy Prize winners, several Gordon Prize, Russ Prize, and Wolf Prize winners among others.

NYU’s mission is to become the top international center for research, teaching and scholarship for which, it seeks to take cultural and academic advantage of the location it is built in and to embrace diversity among students, staff and faculty.