Seoul National University
Seoul National University

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    1 Gwanak-ro, Daehak-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Founded as the National university of Korea in 1946, Seoul University is located in Seoul. Being a National research University, it is considered as one of the prestigious universities across the globe. It is primarily located on three campuses- the central campus, which is situated in Gwanak and 2 additional campuses in Pyeongchang and Daehangno.

Comprising more than 15 colleges, around 10 professional schools and a Graduate School, it enrolls over 30,000 students including 15,000 undergraduates and more than 10,000 postgraduates every year. Colleges and schools are further subdivided into numerous departments having majors in Humanities, Fine Arts, Human Ecology, Law, Medicine and Public Administration among others.

For international students, the university offers more than 700 academic programmes in collaboration with numerous international Universities across 40 countries. Enrolled students in the University can also apply to study abroad. Other than this, SNU has partnership with the World Bank and University of Pennsylvania for academic exchange programmes. Admissions in SNU are considered as highly competitive. In the period of 1980-1990, when a student was allowed to apply in only 1 institution, more than 80% of the top scorers were unsuccessful to get in the University.

Notable alumni of SNU include renowned personalities like Prime Minister Lee Hyun-Jae, Ban Ki-Moon and Kim Young-Sam among others. Graduates of SNU are usually placed in Government sectors and serve as key positions in the Korean Government. Other than that, areas like research, corporate and teaching have been popular choices of graduates.

Seoul National University strives to impart knowledge to students that can form a foundation for personal growth. By preparing students to work in hypercompetitive environment, SNU continues to set the standard of education and excellence.