Technical University of Munich
Technical University of Munich

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Germany has become the third most popular destination among international students. More than 11% student takes admission at German Universities to have a highly respected degree. The Technical University of Munich is very well renowned in terms of offering innovative education since it was founded in 1868. It has a very important role in building a reputation of being at the forefront of innovation. This research university has three campuses in Munich, Garching & Freising-Weihenstephan.

Established in the year 1868, TUM is renowned for its solid profile in the fields of Science & Engineering. It also has eminent faculty in the area of architecture, civil engineering & surveying, chemistry, electrical engineering, medicine, physics, management & life science. With innovative research & teaching techniques, TUM has established an indisputable role in education. There are thirteen departments in the university along with more than 9,000 staff members, 3 integrative research centers, 7 corporate research centers offering 172-degree programs. From the report of last year, more than 38,000 students have received a top-class education at TUM. More than 8,000 students completed their degree in the academic year of 2015, among them 3,000 were women & 1,500 were international students. TUM has one offshore campus in Singapore.

TUM doesn’t only provides a world-class disciplinary education, but also promotes everyday community-building activities beyond everyday student life. The education which is offered here encourages the students into a constant striving towards the undiscovered. TUM invests stupendous energy, time & resources in the talented young people whom it cultivates so that they can perfectly create their professional future.