The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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    Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, Israel
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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is recognized as the second oldest university in Israel. It was established in 1918 having six campuses in Jerusalem, Rehovot & Givat Ram. The Hebrew University has a very well-known reputation of always being ranked in the top 100 universities in the world.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem offers a wide array of programs in the field of social sciences, humanities, life sciences, medicine, law, agriculture, business & nutrition. There are more than 100 programs including Amirim which is a double major program & Alpha program which provides talented students an opportunity to finish a BA & MBA program only in 4 years. Many unique programs are also available which combines a various field of studies. The university comprises of 7 faculties & 14 schools. A total of 23,000 students is currently studying there along with 1,000 faculty members. There are over 100 subject-related interdisciplinary research centers in all over the campuses. The university is very research focused & it’s being conducted in the field of biotechnology, solar energy, genetic engineering, computer science, astrophysics, cancer research & microbiology along with different fields of humanities. There are 11 libraries along with 5 computer centers for everyone. As a matter of fact, the central library of the university is known to be the National Library of Israel. Some of the notable alumni of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are David Gross, Ephraim Katzir, Natalie Portman, Uri Zohar & many other to name.

Overall, the university offers a truly international stature across its three campuses. It has strong collaborations with the prestigious universities globally. There’s a plenty of opportunities to explore other exchange programs in many other countries. Many activities are being held regularly for students.