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Tohoku University

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    Tohoku University 2-1-1 Katahira, Aoba-ku, Sendai, 980-8577 Japan
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    +81 22-717-7800
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Originally founded in 1907 as a medical school, Tohoku University is regarded as one of the prestigious institutions in Japan. Also considered as the 3rd oldest Japanese University, Tohoku is located in the 2nd largest city of Tokyo, Sendai. Being an Imperial University, Tohoku University adopted ‘open-door’ policies- it was the first university to accept women students and foreign students in Japan.

Home to more than 15,000 students including over 10,000 undergraduates, around 3,000 masters and around 2500 doctoral students, the university has 5 campuses within the main campus. The university welcomes more than 1500 international students every year coming from 80 different countries. Enrolled students are usually spread across these campuses- 1 for dentistry and medicine, 1 for agriculture, 1 for science and engineering and 1 for social sciences.

The university comprises around 10 faculties, over 10 graduate schools and 3 professional graduate schools. Some of the primary areas of specialization include- Law, Economics, Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Agriculture among others. Professional Graduate schools include- School of Public Policy, Accounting School, and Law School. The university also operates over 5 research centers- Institute of Fluid Science, Institute of Development and Institute of Communication in Electrical Sciences among others.

Numerous educators, scientists, researchers, and political figures have attended Tohoku University. Some of the prominent personalities include- Tokoyuki Hojo, Taizo Kumagai and Ben Goto (Writer) among many others.

The university works according to its core values which include “Open-Door”, “Research-first”, Practice-oriented Education & Research”. These principles remain the most integral part of the university today as it strives to acquire the status of Great- Research University.