Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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    152-8550 Tokyo Meguro-ku 2-12-1 Ookayama Japan
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    +81 3 5734 2975
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The Tokyo Institute of Technology (briefly known as Tokyo Tech or Tokodai) is a research university situated in Japan. It’s known to be one of the most promising universities in Japan & the largest university for science & technology. As a matter of fact, it is a great world center for supercomputing technology & research. An international graduate program was launched in 2007 by Toky Tech to encourage interested international students who have no knowledge of Japanese language but want to enroll in masters or doctoral programs in Tokyo Tech. The campus is situated in the Greater Tokyo area with three locations- Okayama, Suzukakedai, and Tamachi. All of the three campuses are having good connectivity with the local subway stations. More than 9,000 students attend Tokyo Tech & 12% of the total student community is international.

Tokyo Tech comprises of six schools in the field of engineering, materials, chemical technology, computing, life sciences, environment, liberal arts, and humanities. Its academic calendar is semester-based & the language of teaching is Japanese. So it’s essential for any student to learn Japanese before getting admission. The research facility in Tokyo Tech is prominent, & more than 90% of the undergraduate student pursue post-graduation in Tokyo Tech. Currently, a total enrollment of 1,224 international students & 1,300 academic staff is there.

Tokyo Tech is the top-notch national university for science & technology enthusiasts. It has a glorifying history of 10 years which makes it the first choice for students. Tokyo Tech’s mission is to evolve & grow more global leaders in the field of science & technology.