Tokyo Metropolitan University
Tokyo Metropolitan University

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    1 Chome-1 Minamiosawa, Hachioji, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan
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    +81 42 677 1111
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Located in Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan University is a public research University. Minami-Osawa, central campus of the University offers a unique learning environment surrounded by lush greenery. In addition to the main campus, other campuses are located in the Tokyo Prefecture. Campuses of the university include- Arakawa Campus for Health Sciences program, Harumi Campus for Law studies, Hino Campus for System Design and Marunouchi Satellite campus for Business School.

Enrolling more than 9,000 students including around 6500 undergraduates and over 2,000 graduate students, the university offers numerous courses in myriad areas. Undergraduate areas of study include- Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Applied Chemistry, Politics, Nursing Sciences and Industrial Arts among many others whereas areas for majors in graduation programs include- Business Administration, Urban Science, Mechanical Engineering, Intercultural Studies, Geography, Physical Therapy and Tourism Science among others.

The university also provides opportunities like International Exchange Room- a facility where enrolled international students can take classes to study Japanese and interact with the students of Japan, local students and staff of the university. Also, the it lets the international students turn advisors in order to help enrolled international students handle the interpersonal issues. This facility allows students to seek advice for any kind of trouble including health care, daily life and visa among others.

Faculty members at the university are highly educated in their respective fields, and the level of their teaching has always been considered as high. In order to promote international research and education, the university has collaborations with a number of universities like- Mahidol University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Bangor University and University of Hull among others.

Tokyo Metropolitan University has long been working to improve research and education environment. Looking forward, the University now strives to become one of the leading Universities in Japan.