University of California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Barbara

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    1210 Cheadle Hall, Santa Barbara, CA 93106, USA
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    (805) 893-8000
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    (805) 893-8779
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Located in Goleta, California, the University of California came into existence in 1891 as the Anna Blake School. Initially, the institution which taught Economics, developed rapidly in 40 years and became one of the member of the university of California system.

Offering more than 200 degrees, USCB enrolls more than 15,000 undergraduate and around 20,000 postgraduate students every year. The university comprises three colleges- The college of Engineering, which focuses on interdisciplinary research in Computation Science, Engineering and Bio-molecular studies; The college of Creative Studies, specializing in Literature and Music; and The College of Science and Letters, which focuses on training professionals in humanities, social sciences, mathematics and fine arts. Also, the University is home to 2 professional academic Departments as well- Gevirtz School of Education and Bren School of Environmental Studies.

Faculty comprising over 1000 faculty members are renowned personalities of their specialized area. Current faculty of the university includes more than 5 Nobel Prize Winners, over 25 members of National Sciences Academy and more than 20 fellows of National Academy for Engineers among others.

With over 10 Research Centers, UCSB is considered as a university with high activity research work. Notable alumni of the university include Carol Greider, Michael Douglas, Jack Johnson and Jason Lezak among others.

The university students enjoy an active social life. The most popular event of UCSB ‘Extravaganza’ gathers around 10,000 visitors every year. It hosts a number of student centers as well like radio stations and Daily newspapers to keep the student community engaged.

Situated at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, University of South California’s extraordinary location lets the academic community of students, faculty and staff draw inspiration from the resources and beauty. Looking forward, the University is now aiming to become a world-class University in the research arena.