The University of Manchester
The University of Manchester

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    Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL, UK
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The University of Manchester, a public research university in Manchester & majorly regarded as a red brick university, earlier known as the second largest university in the UK it has received a promising income for research grants & contracts mostly. Also, it has got the third largest endowment in England. With its excellence in the educational sector, most of the students try to get an entry in the country, for instance: in 2014, the university received more than 55,000 applications for undergraduate courses.

As a big city, Manchester can provide the day to day needs of the overseas students, for instance, the Manchester China Town has every single fundamental useful for Asian, particularly Chinese, students. Manchester is known for its warm and active local people, rather than other vast urban communities which are regularly seen as being not exactly inviting. That, as well as the city, has a more casual pace than numerous substantial downtown areas, for example, London, with simple access to green spaces where you can snatch a little peace and calm.

Manchester is a student-focused city, with a solid feeling of community going through the student body. Manchester is a well-disposed city, with such a large number of understudies that you feel part of an entire group. Being a part of the recognized Russell Group of Universities, the teaching & research quality is extremely well here. Choosing Manchester as your destination for higher studies will eventually give you an edge over the competition & life as well.