University of Zurich
University of Zurich

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    Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, Switzerland
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    +41 44 634 11 11
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    +41 44 634 49 01
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Founded by a democratic government in 1833, the University of Zurich is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Offering more than 110 degree programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study, the university enrolls more than 25,000 students every year. Comprising seven faculties- Law, Mathematics, Theology, Philosophy, Economic Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and Human Medicine, the university also maintains numerous research centers. UZH has 3 different campuses within the city that can be accessed by public transport.

The university focuses majorly in the fields of biology, genetics, medicine, immunology, and economics. UZH includes more than 4,000 full-time teaching staff and over 15% international students. The university maintains around 10 museums and libraries like Zurich Central Library and ETH-Library granting access to public.

The university has partnerships with several academic institutions across Europe. The university is also an active member of the European Research Universities League. Most of the undergraduate courses at UZH are taught in Swiss Standard German while courses of Master’s are taught in the English language.

The notable alumni of the university include around 10 Nobel Laureates like Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen and Albert Einstein. Prominent personalities of the university comprise- Ernst Brugger, Alphons Egli, and Arthur Hoffman, among others.