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Utrecht University

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    Domplein 29, 3512 JE Utrecht, Netherlands
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Being the oldest university in Netherlands, this institute has gained quite a momentum in the field of research and education. The university has a very virtuous motto which is to be righteous and move ahead. There motto is ‘"Sun of Justice, shine upon us”. From its very inception, it had made some good start, and by the end of 2011, it had more than 30,000 students in the list of students. Founded in the year, 1636 this university comes with a history of its own, filled with struggle and success thereafter. It has always been a place for practical learning for students.

Today the university has more than 7 faculties that teaches on more than 10 verticals of academic. Also, Utrecht has 3 interfaculty units, namely, IVLOS Institute of Education, Ethics Institute, and University College Roosevelt which offer further in depth orientation of concerned subjects. The main campus in Utrecht has the faculty of Humanity and Law operating in it. And, the other campus in De Uithof, has the rest 5 faculty along with the administration office.

The students here thoroughly enjoy the campus life which has a culture of its own. Every year a music festival is organized in there huge botanical garden, which brings along all the people together. Apart from this, the university student enjoy some lucrative perks like leverage on getting admitted to Stadsschouwburg. This place has seen rise and fall, and later become a footprint to be followed. The Nobel Prize winning physicist Gerald‘t Hooft, is a member of the faculty in here and is also a notable alumni of the university.

The place is always buzzing with liveliness and still has its educational roots attached firm.