Engineering Tops Highest Paid Jobs, Yet Again.

Engineering Tops Highest Paid Jobs, Yet Again

Engineering was the most lucrative qualification that one could achieve, and this was just a guesstimate hitherto. So far, so good! But now that the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s survey says the same, it has acquired the status of a proven fact. According to the survey, for new college graduates, the average salary starts from over $52,000.

Depending on the skills, experience, and specializations, salaries may vary. Having said that, the highest-paid job in engineering is petroleum engineering with a median pay of around $90,000. According to a study carried out by MONEY (a subsidiary of to analyze the salaries of individuals with an engineering bachelor degree and some experience, it was discovered that out of the total of 35 highest-paid jobs, over 15 comprise engineering disciplines.

Chemical engineering, nuclear engineering, IT, and material engineering fall in the highest paid categories of engineering after petroleum. According to a recent research, the number of degree holders in the field of engineering (including bachelors, masters, and doctorate) are increasing rapidly over time.

Engineering is not everybody’s cup of tea, of course. For a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree, there are always other alternative routes available, including Budget Analyst, Medical Scientist, Tax Department Employee, Technical Designer, Network Analyst, and Financial Analyst with around $50,000 median overall pay; nothing reaching the pay of an Engineer, though!