Graduation results demand careful consideration- choose wisely!

Graduation results demand careful consideration- choose wisely!

Life after graduation isn’t a sprint. It’s a long-distance event with decades of working life ahead. Many students choose to take a break after graduation, while others choose to get a decent job and decide what to do next.

For the students of Alton College, exam results come with a lot of opportunities. Whether it’s studying at a university for further studies or stepping into the corporate world, career advisors at Alton equip the students to make right decisions for their future. Programs like 'Applying to Competitive Courses' help graduates to apply in Russell Group Universities (Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College, among others) through The Universities and College Admission Services (UCAS), UK and CUKAS (for performing arts colleges at UK).

Colleges situated in Hampshire offer foundation degrees in Engineering and Early Years Care and Education, as well. Herewith, it also allows students to continue their education post-18 years on the same campus choosing a foundation diploma or foundation degrees that the college offers in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth.

According to reports, each year, more than 90% of the students go on to pursue higher or further education and into the workplace. Of the students who continued to go to university last year, 19% got through top Russell Universities (Including Oxbridge). Out of the students who got through to university, 80% achieve a first class or second upper-class degree in their graduation.

Progressing from level 2 Engineering to level 3, students usually continue their foundation degrees with apprenticeship programs. Another course focusing on Early Years Care and Education also offers different job perspectives.

Life after graduation may be tough, but when it’s blended with the right mix of guidance and direction; it can lead to multiple career opportunities and a bright future.

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