Harvey Nash couples up with HKU to organize Women’s Directorship Program 2017

Harvey Nash couples up with HKU to organize Women’s Directorship Program 2017

With the intention of enhancing the massive potential of women in the international workforce, consulting firm Harvey Nash has recently partnered with the University of Hong Kong. For the fifth time in a row, the Women’s Directorship Program 2017 is to be held in the month of May and September, covering to three-day sessions.

Originally established in 2013, this program aims to enable participants to become effective board members, and also serves as a tool to increase the current supply of board-ready women workforce across the globe. The Program would comprise of lectures, academic theories, all within the purview of leadership qualities, along with case studies based on real stories and practical insights by international guest speakers.

Led by faculty members of the University of Hong Kong, the program is expected to help women from diverse sectors and cultures. Access to insights from boardrooms also makes women participants aware of the challenges ahead, and encourages them to prepare for success when facing them. From developing management to communication skills in order to face the challenges in the boardroom in the future, Women’s Directorship Program will benefit participants in numerous ways.

According to reports, 30% of women participants from previous years have gained boardroom positions since their attendance, improving the situation of the International Business community for fellow women.

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