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Osaka University

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    565-0871 Osaka Suita 1-1 Yamadaoka Japan
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Founded in 1931, Osaka University is a National University situated in Osaka, Japan. Considered as the 6th oldest university, Osaka is one of Japan’s 7 National Universities. Initially, the university that came into existence as Osaka Prefecture Medical College then became Osaka Imperial University.

The university, in addition to its main campus, comprises of 4 campuses- Minoh, Suita, Nakanoshima, and Toyonaka. Home to over 5,000 graduates, around 15,000 undergraduates and more than 1500 international students, the university offers numerous courses. It comprises more than 10 undergraduate schools, over 15 graduate schools, around 20 research centers and 4 libraries. Some of the primary faculties include Economics, Science, Engineering Science, Dentistry, Law, and Letters.

The university also operates 5 research institutes, 2 University hospitals, and around 3 National joint-use services, comprising the Cyber media Center and Nuclear Physics Research Center. Also, it operates Frontier Biosciences and International Public Policy. It is one among the two universities in Japan to organize a school of foreign studies. The teaching staff of more than 3,000 faculty members includes the prominent personalities of their respective area.

The university has collaborated with a number of universities by signing exchange agreements. These agreements help international students enrolled in Osaka University and also, Osaka’s students studying in the international institutions. Some of the partner universities include- University of Washington, McGill University, University of Pittsburgh and Wuhan University among many others. Some of the prominent personalities of the university include- Masaki Kito, Osamu Tezuka, and Toru Kumon among others.

Osaka University has produced numerous extraordinary achievers in numerous fields by providing free and unstructured atmosphere.