PHBS 2016 Employment Report says it all

PHBS 2016 Employment Report says it all

According to PHBS 2016 Employment Report, out of 252 Chinese students graduated from Peking University HSBC Business School (PHBS) with master’s degree in different subjects, 95% chose to step in the job market, while 4% chose to pursue Doctoral degrees in Italy, Singapore, and Hong Kong, among others.

Report further revealed that among 240 students who stepped into the corporate sector, over 50% initiated their career in Banking sector and Securities, including reputed organizations like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan, and Deutsche Bank. Sectors like Security, Banking, and Fund companies attracted 37%, 16%, and 19% graduates, respectively.

8% graduates, who aspired to work in Government institutions, were involved in major economic policy making departments like General Office of State Council, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, and state-owned institutions. A very few, aspiring to devote their years in Academic Research, were absorbed in reputed research centers.

Another important aspect of the report pointed to the fact that the number of PHBS graduates aspiring to pursue Doctoral degree in Economics, Finance, and Management research have risen up, as compared to previous years. According to the report of 2016, some of the graduates got an opportunity from reputed institutions including University of Florida, Pennsylvania University, among others.

Researchers further found out that Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai still remain the most attractive metropolis for the young generation with around 89% ( which was 86% in 2015) of respondents believing the fact.

A recent research paper focusing on the hedge fund managers’ returns and their related work experience revealed that the annual returns on funds in global financial centers are 1.5% higher than other funds. Knowledge based information can be passed to graduates of those cities (New York and London). Also known as ‘internationalized’ China-National School, PHBS prepares local students by offering English language modules to make them familiar with students coming from different parts of the world.

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