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The University of Glasgow

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Established in 1451, University of Glasgow has been motivating minds for over 550 years. Situated in Glasgow, United Kingdom, the university has been popular for producing leaders like Adam Smith, James Watt, John Logie Baird and Steven Moffatt among others. Spread over numerous campuses, the university enrolls more than 20,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students from over 120 countries.

Home to students coming from different walks of life, the university offers more than 250 postgraduate programmes including online and certificate courses. Different undergraduate programmes are offered which generally last for 4 years. Range of subjects in undergraduate studies include engineering, life sciences, teaching, social sciences and modern languages among others. The university has always inspired students to participate in sports-both social and serious. Almost 5,000 students from Glasgow University participate in around 50 sports club that University has.

The university comprises 4 colleges – The College of Arts, The College of Engineering and Science, The College of Social Sciences and The college of Medicine- subdivided into numerous graduate schools. The university places great emphasis on providing students with best resources from dedicated teaching staff comprising more than 7,000 faculty members.

The university, by spending more than 150 Million Pounds for research, makes sure to hone the skills of budding researchers in order to produce extraordinary researchers. Partnership with over 10,000 employers help the University to prepare students for life once they step out of the University.

Over the last centuries, the university has been evolving and expanding. The University of Glasgow constantly works with the students to push the boundaries of what seems possible by imparting education for life.