University League- Armed with students and industries

University League- Armed with students and industries

The Global Employment University Survey Report was recently published, and pointed out some interesting facts and figures. University rankings are not always proportional to the work-ready graduates, it showed. Graduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have been ranked as the 17th most employable in the world, climbing up from 39th. Every year, around 200 students from universities are sent abroad to work in a start-up company. Lectures in the evening and exposure to practical work in the day has made it possible for NUS graduates to earn much higher salaries than other graduates.

Designed by Emerging, a French HR consulting firm, the survey included respondents from 21 major countries to answer different questions about the ideal characteristics of a university. The survey showed that in today’s scenario, expertise plays a bigger role than reputation.

Ernst & Young, for example, recently announced to eliminate degree classification from the hiring criteria and decided to follow strength-based recruitments. 53% respondents believed that only universities able to establish a good relationship with companies can promote the employability level of their colleges.

One such institution that has collaborations with industry is Mines ParisTech, situated in France. Ranked 22nd in the Global Employability University Survey, it has climbed 20 places since last year. The University has made it mandatory for students to spend at least 5600 hours in internships during a typical 3 years course.

Whereas, highest-ranked Canadian Institute (Ranked 10 this year) has climbed 14 places this year due to its unique courses. Survey reveals that 70% students from this University receive a job offer during its 12 month placement campaign.

According to the report, 70%-80% recruiters agree that higher education is a globalized market. But just half of the Japanese managers agree. Giving a score of 7.3 out of 10 to Higher Education system, UK employers were found out to be the most satisfied.

Harvard University managed the first rank in the top 10 university rankings, followed by Cambridge University, Oxford University, Caltech, Yale, MIT, Stanford University, Columbia, Princeton, and University of Toronto, in 2nd to 9th places, respectively.

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