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University College London

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University College located in Bloomsbury, Central London, UK came into existence in 1826. With a mission to deliver higher education to the people who were excluded from it, UCL is considered as one of the best multidisciplinary research Universities across the globe. Also, it is the first University that admitted women in the UK on equal terms with their counterparts.

Member of the Russell group, UCL today comprises over 900 professors and approximately 8500 research staff. With the student enrollment of more than 36,000 students coming from 148 countries, the university offers numerous courses. 11 faculties constitute the academic courses of UCL- Built Environment, Physical Sciences, Social & Historical Science, Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, Population Health Sciences, Brain Sciences, The Institute of Education and Engineering among others.

The university primarily works on the model of cross-disciplinary research, and revolves around four key challenges- Intercultural interaction, Human Wellbeing and Global Health. In the fiscal year, 2014-2015, UCL was noted as one of the highest research income universities with a spending of more than 400 million pounds on research.

The university has been the birthplace of myriad scientific discoveries. With more than 25 Nobel Prize recipients, 10 fellows of Royal Academy, more than 100 fellows of Medical Sciences academy and approximately 50 Fellows associated with Royal Society, UCL has living alumni spread over 190 countries across the globe. Notable alumni of UCL includes renowned personalities ranging from Edward Teller to Sir William Ramsay, Professor of Chemistry at UCL who discovered naturally occurring Noble gasses and later in 1904 won Noble Prize in Chemistry for the discovery.

UCL’s distinctive approach to education, research and innovation is inspiring community of students to understand how knowledge is created and shared.