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University of Bristol

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If you’re one of those students considering going to the UK for higher studies then you probably should take a look at the University of Bristol. As a matter of fact, the latest University admissions reports reveal that the University of Bristol gets the most applications per place in the UK. Now let’s take a look why it’s so popular among students.

In this incredibly famous university, you will be educated by renowned teaching personalities and will be studying in proximity with a portion of the brightest people from every part of the world and all parts of society, guaranteeing a broad scope and fascinating experience. They offer a high-quality, research-led education in a very supportive environment which encourages freedom of mind.

The university is constantly putting resources into new innovation and administrations to offer an ideal experience for students. The University is comparatively small but offers a welcoming feeling to all of its students, with individual guides, personal tutors, and welfare administrations to bolster you, yet sufficiently enormous to give remarkable extracurricular chances to expand your viewpoints and produce long lasting kinships and interests When you pick a college, you're additionally picking the place that will be your new home, so it's very crucial to hit the nail on the head. Being voted as the 'best city to live in the UK' by The Sunday Times and 'best little city without bounds' by persuasive business magazine FDI, Bristol can be a perfect decision for you.

Briefly known as Bris. or Bristol University, this university is actually a red brick research college established in the city of Bristol, United Kingdom. It got the imperial affiliation by 1909, & it's sister college, in Bristol, has been in presence since 1876.

Bristol is comprised of more than five academic faculties consisting of multiple schools & departments with over 180 undergraduate courses. Bristol is an individual from the Russell Group of research-serious British colleges, the far-reaching Coimbra Group and the Worldwide Universities Network, of which the college's past reputed chancellor, Eric Thomas, was the director from 2005 to 2007. Furthermore, the college holds an Erasmus Charter, sending more than 500 understudies every year to various internship foundations in Europe.

The university is known to have notable alumni including Paul Dirac, Sir William Ramsay, Cecil Frank Powell, Sir Winston Churchill, Dorothy Hodgkin, Hans Albrecht Bethe, Max Delbrück, Gerhard Herzberg, Sir Nevill Francis Mott, Harold Pinter, Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio and most recently, 2015 Economics Nobel Prize victor Angus Deaton.