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University Of Melbroune

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Being a global leader in research, teaching & learning for more than 140 years, the University of Melbourne has constantly helped to shape Australia’s socio-cultural profile. Studying at this university is a real eye-opening experience for students. Students experience a rich academic & social engagement in the wonderful campus with the delectation offered by living in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

This university has always been attracting the excellent & best students & researchers since its foundation in 1853. It has a great reputation for excellence. It has seven campuses across Melbourne & rural Victoria. The degree programs are specially designed to prepare the students with an array of skills to meet the future challenges. The students complete the undergraduate degree programs which are usually followed by specialized graduate professional or research higher degrees. Plus the undergraduate degrees will ensure you to gain deep knowledge & you will be constantly exposed to various areas of knowledge, different ways of understanding & critical thinking. There’s a lot of focus on skill development for instance- teamwork, leadership, communication & problem solving. The degrees offered here are a base for further employment or studies. The undergraduate degrees are offered in the area of arts, agriculture, biomedicine, commerce, environments, music, oral health, science & fine arts.

After successful completion of undergraduate studies, you can opt for employment or you can get to choose from over 260 different professional coursework & research higher degrees. The school also provide an extremely supportive & professional environment for the students.

The University of Melbourne has a reputation for being a popular destination for international students because of its quality of teaching, learning & research. It’s a research-driven university & the students are motivated by extremely qualified staff who include Nobel Laureates, renowned scholars, award-winning researchers & other eminent thought leaders & thinkers.

There is always financial aids & scholarships available for the meritorious students each year. Having a diverse student base & extensive international collaborations puts the university of Melbourne on the cutting edge of higher education in the Asia-Pacific region & globally. While studying here, students can avail the opportunity of studying with some of Australia’s best academic minds. They can also benefit from extensive support to achieve their potential which eventually helps in achieving outstanding career outcomes. As a matter of fact, companies ranked the university as number 13 in terms of employability of its graduates. That simply establishes the fact that having a degree from Melbourne is a key to an internationally fulfilling career. Most of the high-profile employers from across the globe actively recruit the graduates of the University of Melbourne for their exceptional leadership & problem-solving skills. For a further query on admissions, please refer to the website of the university.