Wageningen University & Research
Wageningen University & Research

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From the Dutchland, comes Wageningen University which has been making the land proud of its existence. Situated in Netherland, the universities prime focus is to build a healthy environment where students can breathe in, which reflects in their curriculum. This is University specializes in research-based theorem and offers research facility in forums like social science, commercial problems. This university majorly deals in subjects that matter to nature, like science, agriculture, and the environment. In fact, the repute that it holds in dealing with these subject with such care and minute details is what makes it unmatchable.

The university offers undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees. About 10,000 students are enrolled in various programs and academic departments. Although the core subject which they concentrate is agriculture and environment, there are students from across the world, who have joined the institute for its excellent hold in the subjects. Another feather in the cap is the fact that Wageningen University is the first-ever which is allowed to use the ECTS label.

Currently, they have over 20 undergraduate programs in the field of health life, nature, and environment, to name a few. Also, they offer 31 post graduates – Master’s degree, out of which 2 are the online digital course. However, having a fluency is Dutch is an added benefit for the one’s vying to get admitted here.

The motto of the University itself tell all about their vision, it’s indeed self-explanatory, ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. Their research has revolved around sustainable energy to finding better ways to use plastic, rather make one out of seaweed. It exemplifies what making best out of waste means. Some of the best names like Martijn Katan, Karel Vuursteen, have come out from here.