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Washington University

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The Washington University in St. Louis is commonly known as WUSTL or WashU and is situated in the locales of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. It is a public research university and was established in 1853. George Washington who was the first president of the United States of America, is the person after which the university has been named. Earlier it was known as simply the Washington University and St. Louis was added to the university’s name in the year 1976 by the Board of Trustees to avoid confusion about its location.

It consists of 7 undergraduate and graduate schools with wide- ranging subjects such as art, science, business, engineering, visual arts, design, law, and medicine which are taught by a faculty of 3645 academicians.

It has a financial endowment of $6.458 billion. Its library has over 4.2 million volumes which is the largest in Missouri. The residences at WUSTL are consistently ranked as the best in the world. Big- league people pass out from here. To name some- C.P. Wang, Julian Hill, Avram Glazer and Earl Sutherland. In 2014/15, the university had 12528 students out of which 17% were international students from about 120 countries along with a count of 3645 faculty members.